ByeAlex and the Slepp was formed on the summer of 2015. Alex was already touring the country with a band before, but after a while it became evident, that the „ByeAlex” name alone did not work as a group name anymore. Two members left, and Alex Márta (lead vocals, harmonica), Bálint Szeifert (bass, vocals), Dávid Schnellbach (lead guitar), Balázs Fekete (drums) and Zoltán Gésa Tóth (guitar) came up wtih the new name: ByeAlex és a Slepp.

By autumn 2015 they instantly became critically acclaimed for the song „Még mindig”, which still gets enormous airplay. Other fan favorite’s were soon to follow: „Bababo” featuring Lotfi Begi, another song which was written together with Pixa called „Részeg”, and „Menned kéne” performed with Viki Lábas of Margaret Island fame. Andris Poór, a new bass player joined the band in 2018, and the band is still on the roll: their newest songs are loved by their fans, especially „Így hagysz el”, „Merülök” and „Emlékszem (vagy…”). The Slepp regularly performs old classics written by Alex between 2011-15, such as „Fekete” and „Az Én Rózsám”.

Alex understands that because he will always be considered an outlaw because of his celebrity status, but together with Slepp, they believe in their always evolving music, and their respect for their fans.

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